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Ritual Avere la Barba it is the perfect solution for those who want to keep their beard always tidy and perfumed.


Avere la Barba Ritual is the perfect solution to keep your Beard always tidy and perfumed.

Ritual consisting of:

  • Sogno – Shampoo barba 50 ml
  • Note – Olio Barba 30 ml
  • Di Te – profumo 50ml

Note olio da barba to natural basis which moisturizes and purifies the hair and skin.

Oil emollient, nourishing and antioxidant composed of Argan oil, Treviso Radicchio oil, soothing Sunflower oil, it gives well-being and strength to the beard, it is soothing and normalizing.

Perfect for keeping medium/long beards healthy and strong, our beard oil is free from mineral oils, vaseline and parabens.

Sogno beard shampoo that deeply cleanses and gives a pleasant hydrolipidic balance to the skin and hair structures.

Designed for your beard, Respiro is composed of the distillate of a selected complex of various types of radicchio and a physiological pH cleansing shampoo.

it is effective, does not irritate the skin, even the most delicate, and leaves a fresh clean feeling.

His perfume, natural and delicate, gives a touch of freshness to the beard, while its exclusive formulation washes the hair and nourishes it delicately.

Profumo Di Te:

  • profumo unico per tutti i giorni e le occasioni speciali
  • perfume caldo che non conosce stagioni
  • perfume sensuale dal carisma naturale
  • perfume unisex
  • profumo di lunga durata
  • profumo dalle note fumose e dolci che si fonde con la Barba


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